We are currently on Beta Version 1.2
We are currently on Beta Version 1.2

Massive Update Is Coming To The Phone Biddy Software Version 1.3

Phone Biddy is a web application that sources people to phone repair shops within two clicks!

Right to Repair

Phone Biddy is a web application that sources people to phone repair shops within two clicks!


Hello everyone my name is Shaquel Simpson-Kothari, I'm an entrepreneur and also a computer programmer. I created this idea during the pandemic ( Covid-19) when the UK entered its first lockdown during the months of February 2020.

I broke my phone screen sitting on the steps of my mothers home in Streatham (London). I didn't have much money during the pandemic and I didn't want to spend over £100 repairing my phone screen. I had an Android device which was an Honor 10 Lite, and I knew it might be hard to find a shop that could repair my phone on the same day.

So I had a search on YouTube to see if it was possible to repair my phone from home. I found a video that showed me how to repair my phone and I was confident to take on the challenge.

please refer to this article if you would like to know more about my story: https://phonebiddy.com/article/the-future-of-phone-repairs

What is Phone Biddy and why have I not heard of it?

  1. Phone Biddy is a web application that I created that can allow phone repair businesses to manage their business from anywhere. 
  2. A website for people who are looking to get their phone repaired from a technician local to them who can repair their device.

Point 1

A phone repair shop cant take their shop with them but with Phone Biddy they can take their brand of trust with them around the world!

Point 2

I want you to imagine that you broke your phone, you went online to www.phonebiddy.com, and you entered your postcode. Now imagine phone shops local to you bidding against each other to repair your phone.

The Phone Biddy web application was launched in beta and was made for phone repair shops to criticise to point of sale system before it was launched to the public.

We understand what needs to be done now for Phone Biddy to be a success as we have the data to prove our business model works.

What you should expect from Version 1.3?

  • We are going to launch the platform to the public to find technicians!
  • The Stellar Payment Network will be built into the platform to take crypto or fiat currencies.
Stellar Payment network
  • Launch into African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and many more
  • Show more of a presence in America & the UK

Please check this article for more updates to the platform