We are currently on Beta Version 1.2
We are currently on Beta Version 1.2

Phone repair apprenticeships

The future of phone repairs is here and it’s coming strong. Free Training

Right to Repair

The future of phone repairs is here and it’s coming strong. Free Training


Hello everyone my name is Shaquel Simpson-Kothari and I created Phone Biddy so people can start their own phone repair business at home using my software for free to keep organised and to find leads. (think of it like Quick Books for phone repair technicians).
Book Your Repairs (current version 1.2)

How It Started

I created The idea of Phone Biddy during the first UK lockdown when I broke my Honor 10 Lite screen, I didn’t have much money and wanted to spend as little as possible so I went on eBay and purchased an Honor 10 lite screen for the price of £28 and it came with a precision screw set. I successfully repaired my phone watching a YouTube video and wondered if I could repair my phone maybe I could start a phone repair business from home.

It sounded like a good plan I could buy parts from eBay and repair peoples phones the only downside to my so-called business model was customers would have to wait for their part to their phone to be delivered, and who wants to wait a couple of days for their phone to be repaired? The only benefit I had to the customer was being cheaper than phone repair shops local to my location.

I started my Phone Repair business at Home!

So I started the brand name called Lane Repairs which was based on Mitcham Lane (South West London Streatham) and advertised my business using social media Facebook and Instagram.

I paid for ads on Facebook and Instagram targeting people within a 2-mile radius within my location and I managed to meet up with Mr Phone (who is based on Streatham High Road) who could provide me with parts on the same day I was over the moon I felt I could provide an excellent service.

I got my first customer from Facebook!

He came with an iPhone 4, iPhone 6, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The iPhone 4 was locked out of iTunes, the iPhone 6 was not powering on, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 had a damaged charger port. 

Now the iPhone 6 needed a new battery so I replaced it, but the stupidest mistake I made was leaving the new battery plugged in while I put the LCD screen back on. The unthinkable happens the backlight of the iPhone 6 LCD screen goes blank my heart crumbled.

Mr Phone Streatham High Road (South West London)

Luckily MR Phone in Streatham linked me with Omar from iDevice Repair Lab and he solved the problem for me and repaired the backlight. I blew the pins on the LCD connector.

Get Professional guidance no more mistakes!

This leads me to why I knew for me to run a phone repair business from home I needed the right guidance, I needed to be educated by someone or an organisation who could help me repair devices safely and correctly. 

We have partnered with Tech Geek UK to provide free apprenticeship training for people who seek to be independent and start their phone repair business from home. This will be a course that is run for 1 year. You will need to commit 6 hours per month and on completion, you will receive a level 3 (Hardware) diploma which would include core IT CompTIA training as well. It's important to understand that these courses would be fully funded by the government.

Letter campaign

We will be launching the Apprenticeship program this week, so I look forward to watching you all grow.